*To view PDFs of the designs click on the bold and underlined headings

Illustration Feature

This design was created for a project that required me to make my own artwork for the layout. I chose to do a hand illustration, since I have always loved to draw. The story is about Pinterest being the first social media site driven by women. The illustration is based around the idea that Pinterest has replaced the traditional bulletin board.Illustration

Seventeen Magazine Redesign

For the final project in my magazine design class, I had to redesign the cover, table of contents, a department page, and a feature page of a magazine. I chose to redesign Seventeen Magazine. I wanted the challenge of giving a well established magazine a completely new look that still works for the target audience. *I had to come up with all photos.


I chose to redesign Seventeen magazine’s cover to be more contemporary. I wanted the design to be edgier but still appeal to the junior high and high school target market. I used “17” layered under the title to give the magazine an alternative branding symbol.


When redesigning the table of contents of Seventeen, I focused on making it very straight forward. No one wants to linger on a TOB page. The point of it is to quickly be able to find what you are looking to read. I used very simple categories so there is no confusion of exactly what the articles are about. I used hand drawn arrows to give a sense of playfulness to the page while maintaining functionality.

For this department page, I wanted to give what used to be a boring page a fun and playful spin. The cartoons grab the reader’s attention and draw them into the page.

For this feature spread, I was only allowed to use typography as art. I took two photos and used bold and regular text to replace the different levels in the photos. While the art looks like a photo, it is actually layers text that reflect what boys and girls think while interacting with each other.

Hurricane Issac Feature

This was a feature spread design I created for a story covering the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac.


Shape Magazine Department Page

Shape magazine department page. This was a project in which I had to redesign a department page of a magazine. I chose Shape magazine because I wanted the challenge of creating an equally as good design for a well establish magazine. *I had to come up with all photos and content.

Shape Dep

Tiger Photo Story

This project was the design for a photo story. I had to chose the photos I wanted to use as well as create the layout.

Tiger1 Tiger2 Tiger3 Tiger4

*These designs were all done for my magazine design class and were not published.


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