Week 13: Fiction

Critique: The Fiction Issue

fiction cover Feature14

This was a little hectic with our final Meredith presentations, the fiction issue contest and our web portfolios all due. I was a little stuck when it can to creating the illustrations for the fiction issue. The stories were all kind of sad, which as a generally happy person, made it hard to pull inspiration from them. I decided to go with a simple kiddish style of illustration. I’m not overly pleased with them. They just seem a little too childish for the rather serious stories that were mostly about adult topics. Also my cover is a very disconnected from the feature design, but I wanted something that would pop out on news stands.

You Can’t Miss: SND’s conversation with The Atlantic about their cover concept for the parenting issue. 


Art direction and photo styling are two of my favorite parts of magazine design and things I really hope to get to do more of in the future. After my internship last summer, which gave me the opportunity to do a little art directing, I realized how much work goes into styling just one photo. The amount of time and thought is amazing, so I always find it interesting to learn about how other magazines go about coming up with these photos. In this case they used two different boy models and the designer says he really has no design philosophy.

Photo Inspiration: Swingin’ around

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 11.17.54 PM

While performing my morning ritual of scrolling through pointless websites designed specifically to distract you from whatever you are actually supposed to be doing (which in my case is getting out of bed), I stumbled upon this photo. I think the list it was on was titled something along the lines of “The 60 most inspirational historical photos.” When I saw the photo I automatically noticed the couple was doing a dance move that my dance partner and I do in the “Timber” section of Greek Week Production dance (My dance partner and I pictured on the right). What this photo taught is how relevant history still is today. Just like we saw in the historical perspectives, many things are still current, and it’s okay to look to the past for inspiration for the future. I think it is proof enough that I do the same dance move as a girl in a poodle skirt to a Pitbull and Kesha song while wearing a sequin crop top.



One thought on “Week 13: Fiction

  1. Jennifer Liu says:

    I don’t think your illustrations are necessarily childish-looking, I feel like it really works throughout. I like that they have more of an organic and textured feeling to them, which is something I haven’t quite worked out in Illustrator. It’s almost like something you might find in the New Yorker or another literary-driven magazine. Very lively and energetic!

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