Week 10: Cocktail Chaos

Critique: Host Magazine

cover opener hot drinks

This last week was a little frantic after getting back from spring break and having to pull everything together for our prototype. We definitely still have a long way to go before it is ready to present to Meredith, but hopefully we will get there. This is the cover and feature I designed for the magazine. I am going to try adding some more color to the cover and changing the straws to orange to add some more dynamics. I’m pretty happy with my feature there are just some small things I want to fix, such as making the title a little smaller and playing with the font colors on the opener.

You Can’t Miss: London’s craft beers that are labeled in style

Camden Town beer

I had to share this article after I saw that one of the beers is produced in Camden Town, my old London stomping grounds. However, these beers are wrapped in some seriously stylish labels. I am happy to see alcohol labels moving away from traditional scripts and using more eye-catching designs. I especially like the simplicity of The Kernel Pale Ale label.

Photo Inspiration: Beach babe

beach babe

My friend actually took this photo, but I love the retro feel of the lighting and how it is slightly backlight. The framing is also very nice. Awe take me back to the beach.


3 thoughts on “Week 10: Cocktail Chaos

  1. Lauren says:

    Host is looking AMAZING! Congrats on the great work… it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy and like I should go make a season themed dessert or cocktail. And I’m so jealous, I haven’t been to the beach in ages… for some reason I never make it anywhere cool for Spring break. Ah well, I can dream.

  2. Jennifer Liu says:

    With the weather outside so gloomy today, I could totally go for a cozy cocktail right now. The photos you found for it are amazing, and I really love your type treatment. It’s well-thought out and is unique without being garish. The neutral color palette really help make the drinks stand out, too. Great work!

  3. I dig the vibe. I don’t really drink, but I would pick up this magazine to check out the design. Also that beach is gorgeous. Color me green; I’m jeally.

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