Week 4: Spring Weather Redesign

Critique: T/F redesign T/F cover T/F redesign

I was super excited when I found out I was a finalist for the T/F designs, but I will admit it was a bit of a buzz kill when I saw the portraits I was supposed to use. They are nice photos but hard to use for my design. I guess I just assumed whoever won would get be involved in the photo shoot. I think I was still able to create the same idea with the portraits. They were a little more limiting than I had hoped because they were all just from the shoulders up and straight on. I also struggled with figuring out the item to use in replacement of the film reel. The DVD was the obvious choice, but it really reminds me more of music than film.

feature 2 T/F feature

With the feature, I made the timeline smaller and rearranged the elements so more could fit on the page. I still like my feature, but I wish I would have created something a little more visual that using more text heavy stories.

You Can’t Miss: Berlin snapshots: Wiyumi

4202404883_9dca8309cc 4202520827_948808539d_o

To me, Berlin used to just be another European city. Then, I did a project about modern artists using innovative new techniques with paint and other mediums. When half the artists were located in Berlin, a little light bulb went off telling me that maybe there was more to Berlin than just its wall. It is actually one of the top cities in the world for designers of all kinds and has inspiration lying everywhere (Including its graffitied wall). The latest issue of Eye 74 features Berlin and its design aesthetic. After reading this article, I sure wish Berlin was a little closer.

You Can’t Miss: HOW Design Live Speaker Frank Baseman On Design Lessons

philau_deckcards_spades1-1024x683 philau_deckcards_clubs2-1024x683 philau_deckcards_hearts1-1024x683

Playing cards, smlaying cards. All the ones I’ve ever played with have been extremely boring with their blue patterned backs and the same old faces. But life has changed. Good design now applies to playing cards. Frank Baseman was simply looking for a giveaway to make people want to attend the University of Philadelphia’s graphic design school, so he came up with the idea of beautiful playing cards. I have to say they would have had me at first draw. I think these make two excellent points. 1. that everything in life can be more beautiful and 2. there are endless possibilities of what we could be ask to design for.

Photo inspiration: Argo Tea

argo tea

This past weekend I spend a significant amount of time in the Chicago-O’hare airport due to a flight cancellation. In a 6 a.m. desperation for caffeine, I stumbled upon Argo Tea in concourse E. They not only have chocolate croissants and a great selection of hot tea but the cutest packaging in all of hot drink history. I found their travel mugs illustrations so inspiring that I went back three times. They also have a small size in orange, but go big or go home.


4 thoughts on “Week 4: Spring Weather Redesign

  1. Jessie Lueck says:

    Those portrait shots were a buzzkill for me too. It would have been fun to have a chance to art direct a shoot and get that experience. Maybe for the grinding issue…? Then again, maybe not.

    • I’m all for a studio shoot on grinding, but where can we go that will look like a club? Actually I think we will have some solutions for you in the upcoming week on that too.

      Anywho, I love those cards. My brother (the artsy one) has always collected jokers, and I strive to find new and interesting ones for him — it is hard. But those cards are amazing. I love playing cards in any and all forms (except Slap Jack and War), but I don’t know if I could actually play with these; they are too pretty.

  2. Jennifer Liu says:

    Limited photography aside, I love the color choices in your True/False designs. For me it was hard to think outside the classic red, white and black schemes, but yours give a more modern and edgy feel to the package.

    Regarding the playing cards, such a neat idea. I can see that being a fun personalized gift that someone could make for a friend who loves card games.

  3. I think your T/F cover is really good and is definitely a portfolio piece. I was also disappointed we couldn’t be involved in the photo shoot because my idea was totally predicated on studio time. But the colors you used and the film reel idea looks very professional and really works together to create an intriguing color. Then you carried that color into the feature and I especially like how the timeline is designed. The only thing that bothers me about your cover is the “T/F” pattern in black is heavy and a little distracting. It’s the only thing that takes focus away from your interesting cover.

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