Week 3: Playing with True and False

Critique: True/False design

It took me quite sometime to come up with a theme idea for my True/False design.  We had very little direction to go on, and so I just wanted to make it seem fun and a little edgy. I knew I wanted to focus on the people of T/F, so I went with the idea that they add color to an otherwise black and white world. Kind of like The Wizard of Oz.
T/F 1

To come up with my cover design, I searched the internet for a man holding a film reel because that was the first object that came to mind when I thought about a film festival. I then mashed these two images together to create one and converted it to black and white. Next, I  cut out the image and layered it in front of the “T/F” repeat text. Finally, I spent a significant amount of time deciding what three colors to use coming out of the film reel and added them at about 50 percent opacity. T/F coverI’m actually very pleased with my cover, but it should be interesting to try to create the same look with the real photos they took this week. I also can’t use a film reel because the film makers don’t use them anymore. So, I’ll have to do some thinking on that as well.   T/F opener I went with the same idea for my opener only using teaser blurbs as the pops of color. I do need to add page numbers to the cover blurbs, and I would like to work on the positioning of the title so some of the letters aren’t as over lapped with the red. I haven’t seen the real photos yet, but it should be an interesting task to try to create the same look if there isn’t a photo of someone with a camera. T/F feature

The feature was the hardest part for me to design because we really had no direction and no concept of what the stories will look like. In my redesign, I’ll shrink down the timeline, fix the first story so the dek is not separated from the headline and rework to be more realistic for the actual stories. I think it should really help to have the first drafts, especially with the timeline because I had no idea how many blurbs there would be per month.

You Can’t Miss: Eye Magazine‘s review of Michael Rock’s latest book, Multiple Signatures.Multiple Signatures

Michael Rock is the founder of the graphic design firm 2×4. He has done amazing work through out his career as a designer including designs for Prada, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Kanye West. Multiple Signatures is obviously a book about design, but it includes more than just Rock’s commentary. He collected ideas and concepts from several notable designers, architects and thinkers, such as the infamous Rick Poynor. I was glad to see this post because I think it is a great book for all designers to read if not just to look as the inspiring and impeccable graphics that litter the pages.   http://www.eyemagazine.com/blog/post/book-of-revelations. 

You Can’t Miss: Em Magazine fashion week editionEmI know it’s another student publication, but as a fashion enthusiast, I had to share this article I found on SPD’s website. Em Magazine is a student run fashion magazine out of Emerson College in Boston. The staff is made up of six people, and I commend them for their great photography, fashion and design. I am a fan of clean crisp design and that definitely fits the bill for their publication. It seems to have a similar design aesthetic to W Magazine; one of my favorites. Another part of the article I wanted to bring to light is SPD’s student publication competition. If anyone is interested here are the details: http://www.spd.org/competitions/student.php.  http://www.spd.org/student-outreach/2014/02/new-work-em-magazine.php

Photo inspiration: Chinese New Year in London

C New YearI actually took this photo just over a year ago when I was studying abroad in London. However, I still find it very inspiring. It was taken on a very raining Chinese New Year in Trafalgar Square. It is actually one of the things that helped me come up with the idea of using a black and white photo with color bursting out of it for T/F. Although the photo isn’t in black and white, the red stands out so strongly it makes the rest look dull and colorless.


7 thoughts on “Week 3: Playing with True and False

  1. I love you T/F design, especially the colors you chose. They’re bright and youthful and really pop with your black and white background. It’s really fun seeing how other people in our class interpreted this assignment! Really great job, I especially liked the splash page.

  2. Jessie Lueck says:

    I also love your take on the T/F cover! Your design got across the edginess I was desperately seeking, and just couldn’t find. I can’t wait to see how you tweak it.

  3. I thought your T/F spread did the best job out of all of them of changing the colors, but still making it feel like True/False. I like the Ts and Fs in the background because from far away they almost look like a houndstooth pattern, which I think is really modern and cool. I hope you actually get a chance to execute this with a real photo shoot and are able to find something to replace the film reel. A DVD? I don’t know. I’m excited to see what you come up with.

  4. I like the direction you went for your T/F design. I like how you made it edgy and did things like repeat T/F to create the background; that kind of experimentation is something I really have struggled with. Also, thanks for sharing that bit about em Magazine… I’m pretty impressed that’s a publication put together by 6 students and from just the cover and typography, it looks really clean and professional. I’m going to check their publication and this competition out.

  5. Janelle Pfeifer says:

    Your T/F idea was really great. You pretty much succeeded in what I failed to do with changing the colors from red for the festival.
    Oh I always love seeing things from London pop up. I do remember that day being absolutely miserable with all the rain but you are right. All the dreariness of the background just made all the decorations stand out that much more.

  6. Take me back to London now! haha love the photo inspiration. Also, I love the fashion week photo. I think that fashion is art/design that we wear and I’ve been obsessed with catching up on the runway shows in NY and in London. I think your T/F design is bright and fun. It gives a new perspective on T/F instead of just being dark and grim. Good job!

  7. qing_tian says:

    I love your True/False cover. My cover also has some collage elements, but it was kind of too busy and does not have enough white space. But yours is quite effective in providing enough elements yet would not crowd the space.

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